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College Student Alliance



College Student Alliance are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that believes in working collaboratively with post-secondary education (PSE) stakeholders & government to improve the college experience. They represent over 130,000 students, 21 student associations and 15 colleges across Ontario. CSA has an elected student Board of Directors and full-time staff who carry out the wants & needs of our membership.

Project Specs

College Student Alliance have created a number of website’s, all directed towards the advocacy and betterment of post-secondary students in Ontario. Truemax Design helped CSA create a robust multi-site network, allowing them to create and manage these websites on the fly, all within one user friendly control panel. We also had the pleasure of creating a useful financial tool, allowing students to browse through a large database of education funding sources, as well as create and save monthly budgets, and find other useful post-secondary resources.

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